The Historic Old Southwest neighborhood, just a few minutes walk from Downtown Roanoke, is a living celebration of history, architecture, and the new “urban pioneer” spirit. Residents from all walks of life live and work together, experiencing a sense of belonging very much like their predecessors did years ago. In addition to the residential population, businesses, churches, restaurants, and the Highland Park Higher Learning Center share historic Old Southwest, representing the very best of neighborhood life in America.
Old Southwest, Inc. is an active not-for-profit organization which began in the 1970’s as the Old Southwest Neighborhood Alliance. Formed to coordinate efforts to save the neighborhood from further destruction (22 buildings were razed in one year), Old Southwest, Inc., remains vigilant and involved on a daily basis on issues affecting the health and promotion of the of the neighborhood. Old Southwest, Inc. membership is open to permanent residents of the neighborhood, tenants, neighborhood business and property owners, as well any persons that wish to support the overall mission of our organization.

What does Old Southwest, Inc. Do?

Some of the Many Things We Do To Make Old Southwest Safe, Strong & Beautiful

  • Produce an annual Parlor Tour of Homes each year; "Always the First Weekend in December!"
  • Have monthly Safety Meetings attended by Roanoke City Police.
  • Food with Friends - neighbors gather almost monthly in homes for a fun shared potluck social event.
  • Apply for grants, applicable to the preservation of our historic neighborhood.
  • Send members to Neighborhood Conferences - local, state, and national.
  • Informative programs at neighborhood meetings about matters related to preservation, improvements, special events and a lot more.
  • Twice yearly clean up of alleys and streets by our volunteers.
  • Ongoing improvements and maintenance of our historic meeting place, The Alexander/Gish house at the back of Highland Park.
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Board Meeting

Tuesday, December 13
7:00 PM

Neighborhood Meeting

No meeting in December

641 Walnut Ave SW
Alexander-Gish House
Highland Park

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