Neighbors Helping Neighbors

The historic Old Southwest neighborhood began a community service project in 2007 as a way to assist a neighbor in need that otherwise is not financially or physically able to perform maintenance on their home. Volunteers both inside and outside the Old Southwest neighborhood donate a Saturday in mid spring to paint and landscape a property for a resident in need. By doing so, they are able to beautify a property for another and at the same time help the entire neighborhood reflect not only a positive image, but show what being a neighbor is all about.
Money raised from the annual holiday parlor tour of homes, which is the neighborhoods only major fund raising event, help off-set the cost of materials used for the Neighbors Helping Neighbors event. Local sponsors such as The Home Depot on Rte 220 have been gracious with grants, discounts and materials as well as the local Wildflour Market and Bakery on 4th street in Old Southwest who has provided lunch for everyone that volunteers. Southwest Market located on Elm Ave has also donated cold beverages to the volunteers.
The "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" event garnered the historic Old Southwest neighborhood with first place for Best Neighborhood of the Year at the 2009 VA Statewide Neighborhood Conference held in Chesterfield, VA.