Mission Statement

By drawing on the wide base of skills and talents of our diverse group of volunteers, we will provide Old Southwest with the support and resources needed to encourage community spirit, enhance the quality of life, and protect the historical significance of our neighborhood.

Vision Statement

We live in a community where people care about their neighbors, participate in neighborhood life, and are open to building a future together that makes Old Southwest the most desired community in the Roanoke Valley in which to live, work and play.


OSW, Inc. is about Stewardship

• OSW, Inc. strives to make OSW a safe, attractive,and friendly place to live, work and play.
• OSW, Inc is a nationally registered historic district. We value the character and beauty of the neighborhood’s homes and buildings. Our organization helps promote the preservation and restoration of these treasures.
• Highland Park, the 32 acres of greens-pace and recreational area lying in the heart of our neighborhood, is also a treasure. We work to ensure it remains the verdant jewel it is, while helping meet the recreational needs of Old Southwest
as well as those of the Roanoke community at large.

OSW, Inc. is about Building Community

Without community spirit, a community is simply buildings grouped together. Our organization promotes healthy relationships among the residents,
businesses, and organizations which abide in our neighborhood. It also works to promote strong relationships between the neighborhood and the City departments whose services support the

OSW, Inc. is about Communication

As one means of building a strong community, OSW, Inc will serve as a communication conduit among all neighborhood stakeholders so that a
complete understanding of the neighborhood’s challenges and issues may be developed by all.

OSW, Inc. is about Excellence

Our organization doesn’t settle for the “status quo.” We will strive for the next achievement, continually working to better our organization and our neighborhood.

OSW, Inc. is about Volunteer Service

OSW, Inc is an organization of volunteers who wholeheartedly work for the betterment of the community. The organization will work to recruit and nurture volunteers so that it can continue to support service and outreach projects that unite the neighborhood and support our neighborhood.