About OSW, Inc

Old Southwest, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors that is elected by and composed of OSW, Inc. members. Board members and officers of the organization serve a one year term beginning in January and ending in December. Elections are held each year in November at the general meeting of the organization. Any good standing voting member of the organization my nominate or be nominated for an elected position. The Board of Directors is comprised of seven at-large directors, and four officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

2017 Officers


Mark Hostetter
Email:  Mark

Vice President

Bruce Ingram 
Email:  Bruce


Kristie Allred
Email:  Kristie


Linda Littrell
Email:  Linda

2017 Contacts

Alexander-Gish House

Joe Kraft
Email: Joe


Tim Taylor
Email: Tim


Jan Keister
Email: Jan

2017 Contacts


Kathi Hostetter
Email: Kathi

Fund Raising

Amanda Hogan
Email: ‚ÄčAmanda


Hal Irivin
Email: Hal

Neighborhood Preservation

Frances McNulty
Email: Frances

Public Events

Bobby Wirsig
Email: Bobby



Old Southwest, Inc. is comprised of several standing and special committees that oversee the projects and objectives of the organization. These committees are chartered in the bylaws of the corporation. Standing committees are permanent committees of the organization. Special committees are chartered by the President or Board of Directors, and are created for special purposes over a limited period of time.